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I need your help!

Hi, I’m Mark Albertson, author and former Navy Radioman.  I am working to gather and preserve the history and story of the US Navy Radioman, and to educate Americans on the role US Navy Radioman played defending our nation and preserving the peace.

My goal is to produce a history of the US Navy Radioman through interviews, stories, photos and memorabilia from former US Navy Radiomen.  All net profits from this project will go to nonprofit veterans organizations.

In order to put this book together, I need to interview former Radioman from every era possible.  I need to have your stories, borrow your photographs and memories, so that I can put together a broad history of the role we have played.

If you have an interest, please click below, and the page will describe the ways that I’d like to have your help.


About Mark Albertson

Mark David Albertson is what some of his friends have called a Renaissance Man, which in Mark’s mind is a great term for someone who couldn’t decide what to do in life. Joining the US Navy after high school, he served at the end of the Vietnam era and mostly in the midst of the cold war, being discharged honorably (mostly). He enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard during college serving as a Staff Sergeant and attended college at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and then Law School at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. Mark practiced law for over 30 years in Washington State, before returning to his beloved Texas. Along the way, he wrote books, won awards with his photography, owned a private investigation agency, a hypnotherapy practice, and pursued other various and random distractions. As an attorney, he was nationally and internationally published in Law Journals and Law Books, spoke internationally on legal issues, taught college and graduate courses as an adjunct professor, and managed to help with the raising of three fine children. Mark currently lives with his fiancee, Karen, in the Hill Country of Texas on their ranch, Los Perros Locos, and all of the children at home currently have fur or feathers.


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